Men’s Rope Bracelets – A great fashion accessory

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Wearing a bracelet is cool right now but you don’t need to be a fashion victim to look and feel good in this most masculine style of jewellery. Get it right and it suits just about everyone whether you go for elemental materials such as silver or leather or you prefer twined rope or highly polished stones and beads.

So whether you need to wear formal clothes for work or you have a more casual style, your wrist jewellery adds a whole new dimension to your appearance.

Men’s rope bracelets go with everything!

When combined with formal clothes such as a business suit, wearing a bracelet shows the world that you might be a corporate animal on the outside but it gives a clue that there is far more interesting stuff going on under the surface.

If your style is unrepentantly casual, a rope bracelet provides added style, boosting your street cred and showing that you are confident and at ease with who you are.

The underlying message is that you wear what you like and although you may be dressed down or dressed up for work, you still have a sense of style and beauty.  A rope bracelet gives you an air of mystery. It not only makes your wrists look sexy and interesting, it changes people’s perceptions of who you are. 

Basic fashion tips to wearing bracelets

If you are new to wearing men’s bracelets there are some basic fashion essentials to consider.

First up it is important to choose masculine jewellery because otherwise the overall effect will just look ambiguous and wrong.

Rope bracelets are a good choice because this basic style of bracelet is attractive, understated and masculine. Sometimes less is more when it comes to fashion so leather braids or finely braided rope offset with silver fittings are easy to wear and noticeable enough to make a great impression yet are unflashy and authentic enough to not look “try hard”

Alternatively silver rope bracelets can be a good option. Again avoid anything too much like a lady’s bangle because you may feel like you’ve raided your grandmother’s jewellery box if you get it wrong. However a braided silver rope bracelet with intricate links and reminiscent of those old style adventurers of the past, always looks attractive masculine and sexy.

Beaded bracelets too can be a fantastic fashion statement. These have become very popular just recently and they can provide a touch of colour and flair. Highly polished beads or stones formed from Tigers Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Black Agate or Jade, or similar;  you can find the perfect colour and style for your individual look.

What are the rules for men’s bracelets?

All men can wear bracelets and how your wear yours comes down to your personal preferences, bracelets look fantastic when they are mixed and matched but some men feel more comfortable with wearing just one special piece. It is up to you.

At the end of the day, the whole idea is to look good and to enjoy wearing something beautiful on your wrist which is aesthetically pleasing. There are no hidden meanings to wearing a bracelet if you are a man. It only signals that you have a creative and individual style that will always shine through whatever else you decide to wear.

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