Why men should be wearing a leather bracelet

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Men’s fashion has been restrictive for several decades. Apart from changes in clothing material and basic cuts, fashion for men has not seen a mainstream evolution. Thankfully, things are changing, and they’re changing fast. From skinny fits to flowy shirts, men have various styles to choose from.

The introduction of bracelets and jewellery for men is not a recent thing. Bone, shells, and twigs were twisted and worn on wrists to ward off bad energy. Centuries later, the wealthy members of society wore gold ornaments and other precious metals as a sign of dominance and power.

It is evident that the concept of men wearing jewellery like bracelets has always existed. Later, leather bands were introduced. Leather bracelets have been a thing for quite a while now. However, there are still a lot of men who would be hesitant to appreciate the style.

Why Wear Leather Bracelets?

Leather bracelets could either be considered ‘hip’ or ‘cool’, or they might seem immature and silly. While the decision is purely based on personal preference, leather bracelets are not actually meant only for adolescent boys or hipsters.

For starters, bracelets are a bold way to represent your personality. There are a range of types, colours, and styles to choose from- thick bands, braided thin bracelets, leather cuffs, or wrap type bracelets. Each variation says something different about the person wearing them and adds a little oomph to your whole outfit.

Secondly, they are conversation starters. Men wearing non-traditional jewellery stand out from the crowd. They are a few of the first things to be noticed, and they add an intriguing factor to your complete look. It’s easy to ask questions and break the ice with someone who already looks interesting.

Leather bands add a unique edge to any ensemble. Pair them with suits and formal attire, or go for a more casual look. They can also be meaningful statement pieces. They make for great gifts, or souvenirs, and reminders. Think of leather bands as charm bracelets, but less feminine.

The Different Styles

There are several styles to choose from when shopping for a leather bracelet.

  • Leather Cuffs

Cuff bracelets come in different widths, ranging from ½ inch to 3 inches or more. Cuffed leather bands go great with clean casual outfits. Simple cuff bands are a good place to start.

Braided bracelets are arguably the trendiest of all the styles available. They are quite popular among up and coming leatherworkers to practice their trade. They give a rustic look with the elegance of handwoven material. They can be easily dyed in a colour of your choice.

  • Leather Wraps

These come in a few variations, but generally, they look simply like a leather strap wrapped around your wrist a couple of times. They give off a layered look with just one bracelet, but multiple can be worn together too.

How to Wear them?

Fashion and style are all about your preference and personality. So, wear leather bracelets however you want to. Here are a few ideas to inspire your look:

  • Wear bracelets like watches- Pick a snug fit band that stays against your skin under long sleeves. Wear them tightly on your wrists in place of watches or wear the two together.
  • Layered look- Stack multiple bracelets together. Mix the styles and see how it looks. Wear a few cord bracelets on the same wrist. They could be loose ones that dangle or slightly tighter fitted ones that stay put. Generally, one or two thicker bracelets look good in layers, any more than that would just look like an armour cuff.
  • One wrist bare and one wrist occupied; don’t go overboard. Symmetry doesn’t work with leather bands unless you are trying for a bondage cuff look.

In the end, your look is your own style story. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks and don’t be dismissive of non-traditional trends. Leather bands are a great style-choice for men, especially if you’re looking to spice up your boring old routine. Go crazy with leather!

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