Welcome to Rists, my name is Nathan and I’m the owner. Not having the biggest wrists in the world, I’ve always had an interest in watches mainly, but any wrist jewellery that would cover my wrists and that would add to my outfit for the day. I’ve always wanted to start my own store too, so I decided combine the two and create Rists.

Image of the Owner

How is Rists different to everyone else? We aim to combine good quality, stylish products with great customer service. We also aim to supply all our wrist accessories in a number of different sizes, especially bracelets, to fit all wrist sizes. We have styles that are sleek and simple that will work with a wide range of outfits but we've also included some bold designs for the more adventurous.

We'd love to hear how we're doing, if you have any designs you'd like to see, ways we can improve or just to say hello, send me an email at nathan@rists.co and don't forget to check out our blog for the latest trends and styles.