Dark Brown Clyde Anchor Silver & Leather Bracelet

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A dark brown leather bracelet that has been made from genuine square-shaped natural leather with two sides, one side that's smooth and flat and the other that's ruffled and fibrous. The bracelet wraps around the wrist numerous times with an adjustable knot to change the size of the bracelet.

Bracelet Features

  • Genuine and natural square-shaped leather, with two sides of differing textures: 1. Smooth + Flat, 2. Ruffled + Fibrous (GB)
  • Secure solid .925 sterling silver lifeboat clasp and drop anchor (GB)


This bracelet is one size fits all, with the leather able to extend or tighten to suit your wrist size. To take the bracelet on or off your wrist, simply slide the one adjustable knot around the leather to make the loop size smaller or larger. Once set, keep the loop size consistent and simply slide the latch within the clasp and feed the rope into or out of the toggle.

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